Classroom Day

James Marshall offers a combination of structured and unstructured activities that allow for both exploration and enrichment. The following is the schedule for a typical day of school.


  • Free play 20 minutes
  • Circle time  10 minutes
  • Table time  15 minutes
  • Free play  50 minutes
  • Clean up  5 minutes
  • Circle time  20 minutes
  • Snack  15 minutes
  • Outside play  20 minutes
  • Circle time  10 minutes


Free play: Free play is provided during arrival, in the middle of the day, and following snack time. These periods allow students to explore outside and at the stations throughout the classroom. These stations include the dramatic play area, science discovery area, block area, easel painting, and arts and crafts. Parent volunteers design a different craft activity each day and provide supervision of each of these areas.

Circle time: Circle time occurs following arrival, in the middle of the day, and at dismissal. At arrival, students are welcomed with songs and enrichment activities that reinforce the calendar, letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and seasonal topics. The second circle time offers a variety of enrichment activities that include story time, education on the monthly shape or color, discussion of holidays and seasonal topics, playing musical instruments, and sharing (also known as show and tell). At dismissal, students sing a good-bye song and are dismissed individually by name and with a hug.

Table time: Students are divided into groups of five and participate in an activity designed by the teacher and done under the supervision of a parent volunteer. Table time activities reinforce topics discussed during circle time and include activities that practice fine motor skills, phonemic awareness, social studies, spatial and counting skills, and shape, color, and pattern identification.

Snack: Students are required to bring a snack to school daily.