JMPPNS is a complete family experience. As a member-run organization, parents are responsible for nearly all aspects of the preschool experience, including governance, maintenance, and education. JMPPNS is a member of the Sacramento Valley Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools and the California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools. We strive to provide the following experiences for our members and students:


Opportunities for our Children

  • Be themselves and develop at their own rate
  • Express themselves freely and constructively through art and play materials
  • Learn to be tolerant, creative, cooperative and imaginative
  • Enjoy a preschool experience that will simplify adjustments to elementary school and other social situations
  • Learn limits of behavior regarding safety, health and respect for the rights of others
  • Build feelings of self confidence
  • Extend and enrich their understanding of the world
  • Increase their ability to handle their emotions constructively

Opportunities for our Parents

  • Share your child’s experience away from home
  • Become more aware of your child’s world and understand his/her behavior based upon acquired knowledge of growth and development
  • Achieve a more positive approach to your child-adult relationship through professional guidance and share experiences with other parents
  • Provide techniques of working with children and insight into human relationships through participation in the parent education program
  • Increase your understanding of the needs of the other adults and the needs of the cooperative learning environment