Erin Hinton


Erin Hinton wants to live in a world where money grows on trees, parents spend hours every day reading to and playing with their kids, and babies actually do come with an instruction manual. Until that day arrives, she is works hard as James Marshall’s Director and Teacher to make our school an exemplary early educational experience for kids and parents alike.

bachelor’s degree in music, a boat load of ECE units from Sac City Community College, and excessive amounts of caffeine, combine to make Erin’s classroom a safe, exciting, and energetic place to be. By using both her grown up wisdom and her inner child, she is able to simultaneously negotiate peace between two 3 year olds who want the same space at the carpet and do the Freeze Dance.

When she’s not wiping runny noses, answering the question “why?” for the gazillionth time, or preparing stimulating lesson plans for the parent education meetings, Erin can be found sitting on her couch with her nose in a book, listening to Led Zeppelin on vinyl.