Look Into My Crystal Ball…

Hey there Families!

I have been working on the curriculum calendar for September and thought I’d give you a sneak peek into what our kids will have the chance to experience and explore in the coming month. So, hold on tight, lean forward a little bit, a little more…there you go…now gaze into my crystal ball as we travel into SEPTEMBER.

Week 1: This will be our first week in the classroom so most of it will be spent getting to know our space and the limits set therein. It will be relatively low key, giving the kids time to explore and play on their own and giving parents a chance to settle in to their working rolls.

Week 2: We’ll be gearing up for a trip to High Hill Ranch on Friday of this week so you can expect lots of discussion and exploring with apples as a theme. We’ll talk about where and how they grow, we’ll use our 5 senses to describe apples, and even do a scientific study to see which color apple we like to eat the most. By the time we get to the orchard we’ll be prepared to finally see the farm in person, bringing with us all of the knowledge we will have gathered already on our own.

Week 3: Now things will start to get a little busy. We’ll continue with apples for a couple of days as we debrief after our field trip and use apples we will get at High Hill to make our own batch of applesauce. We will also start a Letter of the Week (LotW) plan so we can spend some time with each letter of the alphabet throughout the year. No surprise, we’ll be starting with the letter Aa. We’ll do several activities linked to this letter, the sound it makes, what it looks like, and how to find it in words. ALSO- We’re hoping to schedule picture day for this week. Stay tuned for more details on that.

Week 4: We’ll end the month with a day dedicated to the color red, and Tt as our LotW. Why Tt and not Bb? Because letters need to have meaning for kids to learn them. They have to have context. One of the first letters they will know is the first letter of their name, because it has meaning and significance to them. So, as we go through the year we will connect each letter to experiences in our classroom and in the world around us. We will move from Aa is for Apple to Tt is for Tree because it will make sense in their heads and having just seen an orchard full of trees it will have context for them. Also, it will set us up to notice the trees as leaves start to change, and therefore setting us up future classroom explorations.

There is a method to my madness…           


Thank you for joining me on this short glimpse into the future. Now you have some idea of the craziness that will occur in the coming weeks and when your kid comes home and says they threw apples on the ground to find out what they sounded like, you know they’re not crazy. Their teacher might be, but that’s a blog post for another time.

Be on the lookout for an upcoming post about the benefits of Process Art and why that is our main type of creativity in the classroom. If you’re not sure what Process Art is or how to plan it when it’s your turn, then that post will be super important for you. There is a big difference in the child’s experience when they engage in process vs. product driven activities. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Okay. That was the last Harry Potter Meme for today. I promise.

Until next time,
-Mrs. Hinton

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